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Live on Purpose

About Us


Reveal’s mission is to help you define your journey and live on purpose in the present moment.

So that you get more out of life.

We think the best place to look is internally, stay in the moment and build balance in life.

It is critical to nourish the body, mind and soul.

So that we can explore and discover.

And experience life.

We are about using our senses to perceive and our mind to be.

So that we can find space for ourselves.

Allowing us to connect with ourselves and others.

We are about finding internal strength to create for ourselves,

To break the rules.  

And recognize that life is a journey to be lived, felt, suffered and enjoyed.

We are about, living on purpose.

We do this through:

Exploring ideas, creating conversation,

engaging in physical and mental practices available virtually and in person,

stepping away from the day to day through retreats,

defining a sacred space for ourselves through our daily actions,

and breathing.

We are

Interested in mindfulness, yoga, wellness, wellbeing, and how humans live life.

We work as yoga teachers, guides, followers, marketers, business people, fitness experts, psychologists, not psychologists, experimenters, novices, experts and above all

on living the journey together.

We believe in

Practice: that allows us to grow, change and experience. Perfection is a myth - so we focus on practice physical, mental and spiritual.

Sustainable Living: in terms of ourselves in relation to the environment. We support and promote living in balance whether this be work life, or our use of scarce resources.

Community and Connection: building community and strong human connections is core to what we do.

Giving Back: we give, support and build up.

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We will send you blog posts, inspiring words, videos, and so on… we won’t share your contact details with anybody, that is just bad karma and who needs bad karma?